2014 your House A +


Designing today, temperate climate , homes that are comfortable , have reasonable costs of construction and
consume very little, it is no longer impossible. The way ahead passes through some features , explained below , essential for the Mediterranean house of tomorrow.

1. Making techniques .
In a climate that alternates hot summers and mild winters , the houses that work best are the houses heavy
in stone or brick, in which the wall mass works as a shock absorber to ensure thermal
winter comfort and to absorb the heat load in summer .
The ever-increasing demands of the real estate market to control the quality and behavior
performance of the building and its components , while containing the cost of construction and operation ,
however pushes towards industrial products , manufactured in the factory.
The prefabrication systems best received by the market are wooden ones , which are well suited
the use of CNC machines and offer excellent response to earthquake forces .
It is , however, of lightweight construction systems , advantageous for the handling and transport , but with
mass values ​​far from those of traditional masonry .

2 . Enable
The house of tomorrow produces most of the energy it needs. The systems commonly
used are photovoltaic and solar thermal. The design of an intelligent system for detection and management of the conditions for thermal comfort , light and air quality permits to optimize the relationship between production and consumption and , if equipped with a user friendly interface for the user to intervene in the functioning of the building-plant system .

3 . Fast
The objectives of the Mediterranean house of tomorrow are to reduce costs, improve performance and contract
the timing of implementation and can be reached through : the industrialization of the production process
components; the study of logic assembly , facilitated by the lightness of transport and handling facilities .

4 . Ecoattenta
A careful choice of the materials used is the answer to finding a true balance with the environment.

5 . Flexible.
Flexibility is an essential element in response to a logic associated with the serial and the multiplicity of situations that the market demands .
The type of construction that we present offers solutions related to different settlement types ,
assecondandole on time.